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We now manufacture a variety of types of frangible cartridges to better meet customers training and shooting needs. Frangible projectiles have the same ballistic characteristics and performance as a Full Metal Jacketed (FMJ) lead-core bullet. Only upon striking an object harder than itself will the projectile break apart into fine metal composite powder.

Frangible ammunition is ideal for use on indoor ranges and in duty applications where a reduced ricochet projectile is preferred. The projectiles are 100% lead-free.

Our GreenMatch® and GreenMatch®-2 are normally loaded using lead-free primers, which makes the cartridge 100% lead-free. However, we do offer them using "standard" primers for customers who prefer the standard primers over the lead-free primers.  Standard primers use a very small amount of lead in their manufacture. MSDS are available for all of our ammunition. GreenMatch® and GreenMatch®-2 that are loaded using standard primers are referred to as REDUCED HAZARD (RH) at the end of the product item number and also is indicated on the box that  STANDARD PRIMERS are used.      

Our standard GreenMatch®  uses SinterFire® Lead Free Frangible Bullets.

SinterFire® bullets use an exclusive blend of copper/tin composite materials and contain no traces of lead, have no jacket, plating  or surface treatment .







To meet the increasing customer request for a copper/polymer (CP) composite frangible cartridge,  we have  introduced GreenMatch®-2.    The pistol calibers  are non-jacketed.  The .223 Rem is available in both jacketed and non-jacketed bullets.








Designed for use in Steel Challenge competition.   GM-Comp is loaded to the highest possible standards using specially selected powders and match primers. GreenMatch®- Competition is available with  either the Sinterfire® or the CP projectile.






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