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SBR LaserMatch™ cartridges are specially designed for handgun and sub-machinegun training applications. They provide the shooter with immediate feedback through trajectory visualization - you actually see the rounds impact the target - thereby allowing rapid correction of shooting errors. SBR LaserMatch™ cartridges are available in a variety of handgun calibers with two trace ranges: (SRVT) Standard Range Visible Tracer and (ERVT) Extended Range Visible Tracer. They are also available in a TOTAL LEAD FREE Cartridge, using Lead-Free primers, powder, and tracer component. Additionally, SBR LaserMatch™ is the only manufacturer offering FRANGIBLE, Lead-Free tracer ammunition as well.

SBR LaserMatch™ cartridges are non-corrosive and will not harm the barrel or firearm. They are visible at the muzzle and can be seen in full daylight and produce a Bright Visible Trace. ERVT produces a RED Trace, while the SRVT produces a GREEN Trace.

SBR LaserMatch™ cartridges are available in two trace ranges to fit your training needs.

(SRVT) Standard Range Visible Tracer: Visual ballistic signature to 75 yards. Used for general handgun and sub-machinegun training. SRVT cartridges have a reduced down-range fire hazard.

(ERVT) Extended Range Visible Tracer: Visual ballistic signature exceeding 150 yards. Use in longer range handgun and machinegun training applications. Excellent for firing demonstrations and for testing firing ranges to determine ricochet vulnerabilities.

SBR Tracers are available in 38 Special, 357 SIG, 9mm, 40 S&W, 45 Auto, 458 SOCOM, and soon in .223 Rem (5.56mm), 338 Spectre, 300 AAC Blackout, & .22 LR.



What is a tracer? A tracer bullet contains a hollow base or cavity where a pyrotechnic compound is loaded under high pressures. The compound is similar to that used in ordinary highway flares. The tracer compound is ignited by the burning smokeless powder when the cartridge is fired.

Modern tracers will not "burn" your barrel out and doesn't cause any additional wear. The story of tracers "burning" out your barrel came from the use of corrosive based compounds in their manufacturer before the 1960. Clean your gun thoroughly with warm soapy water after firing military surplus ammunition or surplus tracer ammunition if you are not sure of the manufacturer or date of manufacturer.


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